UECL FINAL PREVIEW: AS Roma vs Feyenoord

It’s the turn of the UECL final with Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma facing off against Arne Slot’s Feyenoord.

I presume Roma getting to this final isn’t much of a surprise to anyone considering the team and manager’s pedigree.

The above goes for Feyenoord as well, but I bet we would have ranked Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City, dropped from the UEL, above them.

With the above well said, let’s take a look at each team’s journey to today’s final.


UECL (AS Roma)

Giallorossi came first in Group C having managed 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.

However, a shocking 6:1 defeat to Bodoe/Glint was the talking point of their group stage journey.

In fact, Jose’s men were unable to get a win in the double-legged tie between both sides.

I bet you are shocked as I was, weren’t you?

Jose’s men scaled past Vitesse in the Round of 16 managing a win and a draw after both legs.

In the Quarterfinal 1st leg, Roma was once again subdued by Bodoe/Flint, with the latter winning the 1st leg 2:1.

Nonetheless, an impressive 4:0 home victory ensured they, Roma, booked their Semifinal ticket.

Facing off against Leicester City, who have also been impressive, Jose Mourinho’s men had to rely on the exact outcomes they had against Vitesse in both legs.

In all, they managed 3 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss in the Knockout stages.

Fairly impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s now shift our focus to their opponent, Feyenoord

UECL (Feyenoord)

If you actually think Feyenoord is the underdog in today’s game, I think this recap will really help out.

Arne Slot’s men topped Group E with 14 points, managing 4 wins and 2 draws in the process.

They continued this impressive run with a 2-legged victory over Partizan Beograd in the Round of 16.

Followed it up with a win and a draw against Slavia Prague in the quarter-final, a team they played against in the Group stage.

They finally booked their ticket to the final having emerged victorious over Marseille with a win and a loss over both legs.

Shocked to know Arne Slot’s men are on an unbeaten run in this competition, aren’t you?

Guess it’s time to have a rethink then.


The last time these 2 sides faced each other in a UEFA Champions, Roma emerged victorious managing a win and a draw over both legs.

Another morale booster for Jose Mourinho’s men don’t you think?


Although I am tempted to go with AS Roma based on their pedigree and the fact that they are led by Jose Mourinho, I can’t overlook Feyenoord’s impressive run to the final either.

Hmm, I guess I would just sit on the fence and enjoy the game with some bag of popcorn.

What do you think guys? Let’s get your opinions and predictions.


  • Judging from this Blogpost, both Roma and Feyenoord have something similar with regards to the team they played against in the Quarter Final.
  • According to this Blogpost, Roma have lost 2 games in this competition so far. Name the teams they lost to.
  • Feyenoord have similar outcomes of results in both their group stage and knock-out stage(excluding today’s game) based on this Blogpost. True or False?


  • Which team will be crowned the Inaugural Champions of the UECL?


  • 1st Correct answer in the Quiz segment gets #500 and 500MB(MTN), while 2nd correct answer gets 500MB(MTN).
  • 1st 2 correct Predictions get 500MB{MTN) each.
  • Drop your MTN phone number alongside your prediction sp so we can send your prize immediately after the match. Failure to abide by this renders your prediction void automatically.
  • Submission of answers starts at 9;30am. Answers submitted before the stated time will be treated as void.
  • All answers should be submitted using the “Comment Section” below.
  • Double answers will be treated as void.

18 thoughts on “UECL FINAL PREVIEW: AS Roma vs Feyenoord”

  1. 1) They had initially faced the teams in their respective group stages
    2) Bodo/Glimt (twice)
    3) False

    Prediction: A win for AS Roma ( 08164476604- MTN)

  2. Omojola Olaoluwa

    1. The teams Roma and Feyenoord played in the quarter finals were both in their respective groups.
    2. They only lost 2 games in the whole competition and it was against bodoe/Flint in which they lost to them twice .
    3. False.



  3. 1. They both played clubs they previously meet in group stage i.e Roma and Bodoe/Glint where in the same group and Feyenoord and Slavia Prague in same group.

    2. They lost 2 games both against Bodoe/Glint i.e 1 in Group stage by 6:1 while in knockout stage 2:1 1st leg.

    3. False

  4. 1. At the quarter finals Both teams(roma and feyenoord) played the same teams they had earlier played at the group stage.
    2.They lost to one team two times, the team is Bodoe/Flint.
    3. False
    Phone number :08130586325

  5. Quiz
    1. They both play a team from their group (same team in their group stage)
    2. Bodoe/glint and bodoe glint
    3. True

    As Roma


  6. Blessing Ayokunle

    1. they both played against the team they played in group stage during the quarter final stages
    2. Bodoe/Glint
    3. Yes 4 wins and 2 draws both in group stagesand knockout stages on road to the final

    Rooting for Feyenoord to win 3-1. 08163178566. MTN

  7. 1. The teams they played in the quarter final , they also played them in their group stage fixtures
    2. Fotballklubben BodΓΈ/Glimt
    3. True

    Roma 2-1 Feyenoord

  8. Judah Iselewa

    1. Both Roma and feyenoord faced teams from their group stages in quarter finals
    2. The lost twice to bodo glimt twice
    3. True

    Roma wins the uecl

  9. Impressive from everyone πŸ‘

    Question 3 was given as Bonus as there was a mistake in the question πŸ’”.

    1ST Kenny Moses πŸ†

    Congrats guys πŸ’ͺ.

    Till we meet again on Saturday, stay safe guys ❀️

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