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UCL SEMIFINAL 2ND LEG PREVIEW: Real Madrid vs Manchester City

The D-Day is finally here as we wait to see who will play Liverpool in the 2021/2022 UCL final.

Will it be the 13 times UCL holders, Real Madrid, or Pep Guardiola-led Manchester City?

Well, only a few hours separate us from this answer.

Nevertheless, don’t you think we should take a look at points favoring either of these teams making it through to the final?

Good, let’s proceed then as we start with the home team

UCL (Real Madrid)

Home Advantage: Definitely our 1st point in favor of Carlos Ancelotti’s men.

Although they, Real Madrid, lost to Chelsea in their last UCL game on this turf, it can be assumed that their lackadaisical attitude was due to the fact that they believed they had won the game considering their favorable 3:1 outcome in the 1st leg

However, we saw them put on a show when it really mattered, didn’t we?

The same can be said about their game against PSG, which saw them turn an 0:2 deficit to 3:2.

Do you still think they can’T turn things around?

UCL Experience: Another point in favor of Real Madrid.

Talk about the team with the most UCL titles(14), and you will mention Real Madrid.

Talk about the active manager with the most UCL title(3), and you will mention Carlo Ancelotti.

That’s definitely one huge wealth of UCL experience packed into one team, don’t you think?

Don’t be surprised if they show you why they’ve got the above tags as the team seeks to play in its 17th UCL final.

Hmm, let’s now shift our focus to Pep Guardiola’s City.

UCL (Manchester City)

Head To Head: There’s no way we wouldn’t pick this as our 1st point in favor of the Cityzens.

After their impressive 4:3 victory over Real Madrid, Pep’s men made 4 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses against them.

A more interesting part of this fact is that last week’s win extended the Cityzen’s winning streak over Los Blancos to 4.

Yes, you read the above well, 4 consecutive wins for Manchester City over Real Madrid.

Smiles, you can bet Pep Guardiola and his men won’t mind increasing that number to 5.

1st Leg Advantage: Another crucial point for the Cityzens.

With the “Away Goal” rule now out of play and a 4:3 victory at the Etihad, Manchester City look favorites to progress to the next round.

A draw in today’s game will be more than enough to see them through.

This should be an easy task for Pep Guardiola and his men considering how they’ve been able to defend their 1st leg victories in their previous knockout-stage ties.


I will really love to enjoy this game without having to choose sides.

However, I would go with City if I were to choose a side that would progress into the final.

The facts above alongside their impressive unbeaten run in this season’s knockout stage says it all.

However, be wary of Madrid.

We will love to get your opinion and predictions guys. Please, feel free to drop them in the comment section below


  • Rephrasing this Blogpost, Real Madrid have lost how many UCL finals?
  • Today’s game between City and Madrid will be the _ time they’ve faced each other according to this Blogpost?
  • Manchester City are unbeaten in the knockout stages of this season’s UCL. True or False.


  • Predict the outcome (Win, Draw, or Lose) of today’s encounter.


  • 1st Correct answer in the Quiz segment gets #500 and 500MB(MTN), while 2nd correct answer gets 500MB(MTN).
  • 1st 2 correct Predictions get 500MB{MTN)
  • Drop your MTN phone number alongside your prediction sp so we can send your prize immediately after the match. Failure to abide by this renders your prediction void automatically.
  • All answers should be submitted using the “Comment Section” below.
  • Double answers will be treated as void.

11 thoughts on “UCL SEMIFINAL 2ND LEG PREVIEW: Real Madrid vs Manchester City”

  1. 1) They have lost 3 finals.( Although your blog post mentions that they’ve won it 14 times, it’s actually 13 UCL trophies. Playing 16 finals: losing 3 and winning it 13 times)
    2) 10th time.
    3) True.

    Prediction: A win for Manchester City

  2. Great job from everyone, nice observation as well💪.

    There’s a mix-up with question 1, so it will be counted as bonus for everyone. Fair enough, isn’t it?

    1st Position: SIR FLEXY 🏆
    2nd Position: Kenny Moses 🥈

    Winners in the “Prediction” segment will be sent their respective prizes at the end of the game.👍.

    Till we meet again on Saturday, stay safe guys ❤️.

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