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UCL SEMIFINAL 1ST LEG Liverpool vs Villareal

The UCL Semifinal 1st Leg tie continues today with Liverpool taking on Villareal at Anfield.

Another cracker of a game as both teams are known for not holding back when they take on their opponents.

I know many football lovers might have written off Villareal looking at how good Liverpool have been this season.

However, Let’s take a look at points favoring both sides before we make our final decision.


Competition Expertise: You are definitely not overlooking this, are you?

When you mention the elite and experienced teams in the UCL, you can’t do without mentioning Liverpool

And as proof, they have the highest number of UCL titles, 6, after Real Madrid and AC Milan who have 13 and 7 respectively.

Don’t be surprised if Villareal get discouraged by this fact, any team would.

General Form: Another fact for the Reds.

Having lost just a game in all competitions since the beginning of this year, Jurgen Klopp’s men look to be on another level.

Even the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea could do nothing to stop them in games that mattered.

This form of theirs have also ensured they are in good position to land a Quadruple come May.

You will agree with me that the above is another huge motivating factor they will be feeding on as well.

So do you still see Villareal stopping the Reds?

Wait a second, don’t come to conclusions yet, we haven’t considered facts favoring the Yellow Submarines.


Knockout Stage Form: Our 1st point in favor of the Dark horse of the tournament.

Aside from Manchester City, Villareal are the only team yet to suffer defeat in this season’s UCL knockout stage.

And just like the Cityzens, they’ve managed 2 wins and 2 draws in those fixtures.

Let me also remind you that the opponents they faced were Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Even Jurgen Klopp would be worried when he realizes this fact.

Liverpool’s Poor Home Form: Another powerful fact in favor of Unai Emery’s men.

This season’s UCL have seen Liverpool amass 8 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.

Unfortunately, the draw and loss came in the knockout stage.

What makes the above even more baffling is that they were at Anfield against Inter and Benfica respectively.

Many might say both results were because Liverpool had already secured their qualification into the next rounds before those games.

Well, they had better not take the Yellow Submarines lightly because they wouldn’t mind drowning them on their own turf as they did to Juventus.


If I were to choose a side, I would go with Liverpool.

However, I won’t be surprised if Villareal carry the day or get a draw. They’ve got all it takes to do so.

What do you think guys? Let’s get your opinions and predictions.


  • According to this Blogpost, only 2 teams are yet to suffer defeat in the knockout stages of these competition, name them.
  • Both teams from question 1 had ____ wins, ____ losses, and ____ draws.
  • Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Liverpool have won 35 UCL titles all together in accordance with this Blogpost. True or False.


  • 1st Correct answer gets #500 and 500MB(MTN), while 2nd correct answer gets 500MB(MTN).
  • All answers should be submitted using the “Comment Section” below.
  • Double answers will be treated as void.

26 thoughts on “UCL SEMIFINAL 1ST LEG Liverpool vs Villareal”

  1. 1) Liverpool and Villarreal
    2) Liverpool: 2 Wins, 1 loss and 1 draw while Villarreal: 2 wins and 2 draws
    3) False

      1. Spot on brother.

        All 3 answers given were correct.

        Unfortunately πŸ’”, the rules of the game doesn’t permit double entries.

        All answers are to be submitted once.

        Great job nevertheless, and I trust you will avoid this mistake next time πŸ’ͺ

  2. Huge improvement from last week’s results in terms of both participation and πŸ’― correct answers πŸ’ͺ.

    The only thing holding me from not rewarding everyone is the rule of the game which only provided reward for our 1st 2 winners πŸ’”.

    Hopefully in the near future, we will increase our slots.

    Back to our winners:

    1st: Ridwan πŸ†
    2nd: Judah IselewsπŸ₯ˆ

    Congrats guysπŸ‘.

    Till we meet again on Saturday, you all should stay safe πŸ’ͺ.

    Much Love ❀️

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