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UCL ROUND OF 16 PREVIEW: Inter vs Liverpool

Another big outing in the UCL today as we’ve got 2 more games scheduled to take place.

Inter will play Liverpool at home while Bayern Munich will pay a visit to FC Salzburg.

Well, there’s no point guessing too much, I bet you already know our preferred game for today’s preview.

Okay then, let’s proceed, starting off with Simone Inzaghi’s men


HOME ADVANTAGE: Bar their slim 1 nil loss to Real, the Nerazzurris have been fantastic playing at home this season.

In addition to their 2 wins out of 3, they’ve scored 5 goals and conceded just 2.

A fair fact for Simon Inzaghi’s men, isn’t it?

REVENGE MISSION: There are definitely wounds time might not be able to heal.

And you can bet Inter’s disgraceful 2008 UCL knockout stage home and away loss to Liverpool is one of them.

The Nerazzurri were defeated 3 nil on aggregate scoreline, failing to record a single goal.

What time do you think will be well suited to get back this revenge if not now?

Imagine the headline “Inter Eliminate Red Hot Liverpool from 2021/2022 UCL”.

I guess you now get a glimpse of where we are headed.

We can bet Simon Inzaghi’s men will be looking forward to this as well.

Moving on to Jurgen Klopp’s men


UCL Performance: One huge fact standing in favor of the Reds.

Paired in the same group with Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, and FC Porto, many would have expected the Reds to struggle.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case.

Rather, they progressed as Table Leaders, maintaining an unbeaten run.

What’s more fascinating is the fact that they also had a 100% win record.

Hmm, here’s the exact team Inter will be facing today.

Do you still see Inter winning today?

Current Performance: Another big fact that can’t be overlooked either.

6 wins out of their last 6 games in all competitions, and you still think Jurgen Klopp’s men are a joke?

You can bet the Reds will be looking to extend this beautiful winning streak.

And I do not see Inter stopping them, do you?


From the facts gathered, a win for Liverpool will be no surprise.

However, this contest could as well end in a draw If Inter play their cards right.

What’s your take on this game, guys?

Let’s get your thoughts and predictions.


  • The 2026 World Cup will be hosted across three different countries. Can you name them?
  • Two English players, Micheal Owen and Harry Kane, have won the World Cup Golden Boot. True or False?
  • The record age for the youngest head coach in the Bundesliga is 28 years and 205 days. Who was it?


  • 1st Correct answer gets #500 and 500MB(MTN), while 2nd correct answer gets 500MB(MTN).
  • All answers should be submitted using the “Comment Section” below.
  • Double answers will be treated as void.

12 thoughts on “UCL ROUND OF 16 PREVIEW: Inter vs Liverpool”

  1. 1. Canada, Mexico and United States of America

    2. False (Only
    Harry Kane has won it)
    3. Julian Nagelsmann of TGS 1899 Hoffenheim

  2. Very impressive from everyone 🔥🔥🔥.
    All answers provided were correct.
    Unfortunately, we can only have 2 winners according to the rule 💔.

    Congrats to both Adedotun and Idris🏆

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