“A Dream Will Forever Remain A Dream Except……

Foremost, I will love to give all Glory to God for the successful completion of this season’s project.

All I can say is that He was and will remain Good. May His name continue to be glorified.

Then we’ve got our amazing and ever-supportive sponsors who supported our dream both in cash and in-kind.

I wish I could mention names, but many prefer to stay anonymous.

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough. I pray God blesses everything that pertains to you greatly.

Next up are our participants, viewers, and those who took their time to refer us. You guys were simply awesome.

All efforts would have been a waste had you guys not turned up massively. God bless you all abundantly

Well, I should also thank myself for not giving up on this dream, shouldn’t I?

There were moments I honestly wanted to give up, but my sheer determination to see this project succeed would not just let me.

Thumbs up IbkDaGreat.


IbkDaGreat League of Champions FPL Competition
UCL, UEL, UECL Predictions
Europe’s Big 5 Leagues Predictions
UCL, UEL, UECL Predictions

IbkDaGreat League of Champions FPL Competition and Prediction:

Our initial plan last year in July was just to organize an FPL and prediction competition for our audience.

The aim was to make our audience get something for participating in football activities they enjoy doing.

Our prizes were as follow:

IbkDaGreat League of Champions:

Proof of Payment For FPL Competition
  • 1st position: #13,000
  • 2nd position: #9,000
  • 3rd position: #7,000
  • Manager of The Month: #500


Proof of Payment For Predictions
  • Europe’s Big 5 Leagues Winners: #5000 each for the 1st 3 correct predictions = #15000
  • UCL, UEL, and UECL Winners: #5000 each for the 1st 3 correct predictions = #15,000

We definitely got our winners in each category with proof of payment displayed below.


However, as we progressed in the season, we were able to achieve the following thanks to those who kept believing in us.

Creation of our Website and getting it approved by Google:

This achievement ensured our audiences were able to access more of our content online. most importantly, stream live matches wherever they are using their mobile devices or laptops.

Mid-week and Weekend Quiz:

Proof of Payment For Quiz Competition

Quiz competitions were also organized to reward our loyal website content readers for their commitment.

Our prizes were as follow:

  • Winner: #500 and 500mb.
  • Runner-up: 500mb.

Prediction Competition:

Proof of Payment For Predictions 2

We followed up the quiz competitions with the prediction segment thanks to feedback from our audience.

Our prizes were as follow:

  • 500mb for the 1st 2 individuals who provide the correct predictions.


We believe next season should be a continuation from where we have stopped.

However, our major aim is to work more on the goals we have achieved this season by building a stronger foundation for each of them.

It will definitely be a thing of greater joy if we have our FPL competition, Quiz Competition, and Prediction competitions running next season with increased prize amounts attached to each of them.


We obviously didn’t achieve all these on our own, and nor can we achieve our goals for next season on our own.

We will certainly need more of your support, and we hope you will provide us with them when we reach out to you.

Thank you once again. God bless us all greatly In Jesus Name.

“A Dream Will Forever Remain A Dream Except Necessary Actions Are Taken Towards Achieving It”.


  1. Abimbola Adedotun

    Thanks for the daily updates and weekday and weekend giveaways. More grace to Ibkdagreat 💪🏾❤

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