Seems the EPL just can’t stop delivering.

We’ve got 4 more mouthwatering games today as we proceed in wrapping up our outstanding games:

  • Relegation-threatened Everton hosting Leicester City,
  • Impressive Newcastle United facing off against redemption seeking Crystal Palace and,
  • High-flying Brighton paying a visit to Manchester City who are currently downcasted with their Semifinal FA Cup loss to Liverpool.

Yes, I understand the confusion and greed on your face pertaining to which of these games you should go for.

Unfortunately, we can only settle for one being the game between the Blues and the Gunners.

This game will most likely be the number 1 pick of loads of football lovers all over the globe, so let’s do you the honor of previewing this game.

Starting off with the home team,


Current Form: You aren’t ignoring this, are you?

The Blues have amassed 3 wins, scored 11 goals, conceded just 2, and kept 2 clean sheets in their last 3 games.

An emphatic response after they were only able to score 2 goals and concede 7 in their previous 2 games.

You can bet Thomas Tuchel and his men will be looking to keep this beautiful run intact, if not build on it.

Top 4 Finish: A fact that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It pretty much looks like Chelsea have secured 3rd spot considering they are 5 points above 4th placed Tottenham with 2 games to spare.

However, you can bet Thomas Tuchel won’t be letting the above dissuade him from getting a win today.

This is because the Blues still have some huge fixtures ahead, Manchester United, West Ham, and Wolves inclusive (All 3 still fighting for an Intercontinental competition spot).

You would want to get a win if you were Tuchel, won’t you?

Head To Head: Our last point in favor of the home team.

The last 2 games between both sides have all ended in victories for them.

Extending this run to 3 games won’t be bad, will it?

Shifting our focus from the Blues, let’s now take a look at facts favoring the Mikel Arteta’s men


Head To Head: Born from the last fact mentioned above.

Although the Blues have won the last 2 games between these sides, it’s the Gunners who have the advantage in their last 5 meetings.

They’ve managed 3 wins out of these 5.

Not bad, is it?

Current Form: A negative fact that could be used as a weapon.

In all honesty, Mikel Arteta’s men have been woeful since the beginning of April.

Within this period, they’ve lost 3 consecutive games which has seen them move down from 4th to 6th position.

Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Mikel Arteta and his men know how important a win today would be, and you can bet they will be going all out for it.

I bet if you were in the Gaffer’s shoe, you will be going all out for a win as well, won’t you?


If we are to consider the facts before us, giving Chelsea the upper hand would be a very reasonable action.

However, we all know how Chelsea are fond of helping out of form teams get back on track. In order words,, don’t be too carried away.

Feel free to share your opinions, thoughts, and predictions as well guys, we will love to have them.


Chelsea have scored _ goals and conceded __ in their last 5 games according to this Blogpost.

The last 5 meetings between both sides have ended in _ wins for Chelsea and _ wins for Arsenal as stated in this Blogpost.

Just 1 negative fact was mentioned as a point in this Blogpost, state it.


  • 1st Correct answer gets #500 and 500MB(MTN), 2nd correct answer gets #500, while 3rd correct answer gets 500MB(MTN).
  • All answers should be submitted using the “Comment Section” below.
  • Double answers will be treated as void.

26 thoughts on “EPL OUTSTANDING GAME PREVIEW: Chelsea vs Arsenal”

  1. 11 scored and just 2 conceded
    Chelsea has won 1 arsenal has won 3
    Mikel arteta and Arsenal have faced 3 defeats in 3 matches

      1. We are so sorry about thisπŸ’”.

        Unfortunately, we have to keep to the rules of the Quiz so as to avoid future issuesπŸ’”:(Double entries are treated as void).

    1. Ayobami Dan-Ologe

      – Chelsea have scored 13 conceded 9 in their last 5 games
      – Chelsea have won 1 and Arsenal have won 3
      -The negative fact; Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal have been woeful since the beginning of April with 3 defeats from 3 matches

      1. Great response πŸ’ͺ.

        Unfortunately, you broke 2 of our rules πŸ’”.
        1. Double entries
        2. Your answer were submitted under another participant’s answer which isn’t allowed. All answers are to be submitted in the main comment Section for easy review by us.

        We are deeply sorry about the inconveniences πŸ’”.

        Great job once again πŸ’ͺ.

  2. 1. 13 goals, 9 conceded
    2. 2 wins for Chelsea, 3 wins for Arsenal
    3) Arsenal and Mikel Arteta side are woeful (winless in April losing 3 matches)

  3. 2) 2 wins fr chelsea and 3 wins fr Arsenal
    1) Chelsea scored 11 and conceded 2
    3)Arteta has been woeful since the beginning of April

  4. Scored 13 and conceded 9
    3 wins for arsenal 1 win for Chelsea
    Arsenal have been woeful for the beginning of April

  5. Chelsea has conceded 2 and scoredd 11
    Arsenal has won 3 times Chelsea 2ce
    Negative fact- Arsenal’s woeful form

  6. Top-notch responses from everyone once againπŸ’ͺ.

    We had 2 persons with πŸ’― correct answers, unfortunately, @Ayobami’s answer was wrongly placed which lead to his automatic disqualification πŸ’”.

    Moving straight to our winners for today’s quiz:

    1ST: Kenny MosesπŸ†
    2ND: DolapoπŸ₯ˆ
    3RD: LocoπŸ₯‰

    Congrats guysπŸ”₯

    Till we meet again this weekend, stay safe guys ❀️

  7. Chelsea have scored 11 goals, conceded just 2, and kept 2 clean sheets in their last 3 games
    2 wins for Chelsea and 3 for Arsenal
    Chelsea helping out form team to regain form

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