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EPL MATCHDAY 3 ANALYSIS: Manchester United vs Liverpool

We certainly aren’t going to bring EPL matchday 3 analysis to a close without having its biggest fixture as our final pick.

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NOTE: All analysis made are just our opinions based on facts available to us. Please, they are not 100 percent guaranteed.


Erik Ten Hag’s men will take on Jurgen Klopp’s side at Old Trafford on Monday as both teams look to put behind their poor start to the 2022/2023 EPL season.

Which team will be claiming all 3 points, or will they have to share the spoils?

Let’s take a look at some points favoring either side while we wait to get our answer when both teams clash on Monday.



Recent Victory: Although many would argue that this point isn’t valid enough considering the quality of players Liverpool started the game with, this doesn’t change the fact that they were defeated.

Let also be reminded that even with the inclusion of Liverpool’s 1st team players later on, it was the Red devils who got the 4th goal.

I believe this victory should provide some motivation for Erik Ten Hag’s men.

Injury/Suspension Worry: Here is another reason I feel the Red devils have a chance in this fixture.

Jurgen Klopp might be without 8 of his important players with both Thiago Alcantara, injury, and Darwin Nunez, suspended, sure names on this list.

Other players that could be on this list include Roberto Firmino, Diogo Jota, Konate, Mario, Curtis Jones, and Oxlade Chamberlain.

If all the players above won’t be available, Jurgen Klopp will have little or no game-changing player to call upon when those on the pitch get tired.

Many that witnessed the Reds’ poor performance 2 seasons ago should be able to relate better.

It’s now up to Erik Ten Hag’s men to take advantage of this situation if it presents itself, isn’t it?

Let’s now turn our attention to Jurgen Klopp’s men


Current Form: This is definitely not a strong point for Jurgen Klopp’s men, but it will count if we compare both teams’ present performance.

Unlike their hosts who are currently sitting at the bottom of the EPL table having lost their 1st 2 games, the Reds are placed 12th on the table with 2 points from an equal amount of games.

One important thing to note is the Reds’ fighting spirit in securing those 2 points from losing positions, with the recent one being with a man down.

I believe if they come into the fixture with this same mindset, they might just get something at the end of it.

What’s your take on this point esteemed readers?

Head To Head: Here’s the big one.

The last 5 EPL meetings between these 2 teams have ended in 4 wins and a draw in favor of Jurgen Klopp’s men.

Moreso, the Reds have kept a total of 4 clean sheets, scored 15 goals, and conceded just 2 goals in the above meetings.

Even if they look out of form at this moment, this point should be able to provide them with the right motivation needed to get something out of this tie.


No doubt, this is a tough call for me.

However, I will go with a win a draw in favor of Liverpool based on the points I have before me.

I am very much open to United claiming all 3 points as well because they are very unpredictable at this stage.


  • How many losses have Arsenal incurred in their last 5 EPL away matches according to our blog post?
  • Leeds United have won how many matches since the beginning of the preseason according to our blog post?
  • Based on our blog post, Newcastle United’s only loss in their last 5 EPL home matches was against which team?
  • How many teams were mentioned in today’s blog post?


  • What will be the outcome of this fixture; a win for Manchester United, a win for Liverpool, or a draw?


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