EPL MATCHDAY 29 PREVIEW: Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

The final quarter of the EPL commences today with 3 games set to go down.

Liverpool visit Brighton, Brentford host Burnley, and the big clash between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford.

It is almost certain that many will be looking forward to the last game due to its importance.

Both teams are currently fighting for UCL qualification and they know how important getting a win is to achieve this.

Moving straight to the preview proper, starting off with the home team:


Head To Head: Major stat in favor of the Red devils.

Ralf Ragnick’s men have won 3, drawn 1, and lost 1 of the last 5 matches against Spurs.

In fact, the last 2 encounters have both ended in victories for the home side.

A good sign for them, isn’t it?

Bounce Back: This should serve more as negative reinforcement.

After a heavy 4 nil loss to the Citizens, many will be expecting the Red devils to correct this wrong.

How best can they do the above if not by beating Tottenham Hotspur today.

Let’s not forget that Spurs defeated City some few weeks back. If United can get a win over them today, that’s a huge statement in itself.

Think about this.

Turning our focus away from the home side to the away side, let’s look at facts favoring them


Performance At Old Trafford: Derived from the first stat in favor of United.

Although the Red devils seem to have a better head-to-head against Spurs, the same can’t be said of the last 3 meetings between both sides at Old Trafford.

Tottenham Hotspur have managed to get 2 wins and 1 loss out of the above meetings.

Impressive, isn’t it?

You can bet they will be looking to improve on this performance.

Current Run Of Games: Another fact in favor of Antonio Conte’s men.

Aside from a shocking 1 nil defeat to Burnley, they’ve won 3 of their last 4 games.

Let it also be known that they’ve scored 12 goals and conceded only 3 in those 4 games.

A huge one for Antonio Conte’s men, isn’t it?


Based on the facts above, giving Tottenham Hotspur a win today won’t be a bad idea.

But I believe Manchester United have almost an equal right to get a win as well.

I am definitely looking forward to getting an entertaining game, I hope you are as well?


  • According to this Blogpost, the last 2 encounters have ended in wins for Tottenham Hotspur. True/False
  • Tottenham have won__, lost _, and drawn _ in their last 4 EPL games based on this Blogpost.
  • List 1 of the other EPL games going down today as stated in this Blogpost.


  • 1st Correct answer gets #500 and 500MB(MTN), while 2nd correct answer gets 500MB(MTN).
  • All answers should be submitted using the “Comment Section” below.
  • Double answers will be treated as void.

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  1. False
    Tottenham has won 3 and lost 1 and drawn 0 out of their last 4 games
    Manchester United Vs Tottenham y

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